Cllr Dan Cohen pushes for Road Action at Full Council

Cllr Dan Coden

Cllr Dan Cohen spoken at January’s Full Council meeting about a whole range of improvements needed within the Alwoodley Road system.

There is near unanimous support for reducing the speed limit on Shadwell Lane to 30mph. Many local residents and councillors are certainly of the view that the current limit is too high and it has long been an issue of great concern locally.

Alwoodley Councillors have been pushing officers to take this on board and look again at the limit on this road. There can be few roads in the city more unsuitable to be 40mph than this one.

We have also asked the council to look at introducing 20mph zones around schools in Alwoodley. There are none at the moment, despite a trend to bring them in elsewhere in the city. They are an excellent way of making the area around schools safer for children.

In terms of maintaining the roads themselves, we want to see the council make better decisions about where and when it spends the reduced budget it has. There was a recent example in Alwoodley where a Fir Tree Approach was resurfaced (after a great deal of effort from your ward councillors), yet a smaller adjacent piece of highway in an equally shocking state was left untouched – and is scheduled to receive attention later next year. Surely it makes more sense to do the work at the same time, when all the machinery and workers are on site.

We have also sought a guarantee from the current administration that the planned resurfacing work in the High Ashes and The Avenue, that again we have been highlighting for some time, later in 2015 will definitely take place.

In recent years we have had resurfacing work carried out in parts of the Sandmoors, Harrogate Road, The Darkwoods, Fir Tree Approach and Primley Park Avenue to name just a selection. We know more needs to be done and we will keep pushing for all those roads that need attention in Alwoodley – to get it.


See Cllr Cohen’s full speech to council:


Meet Leeds North East Parliamentary Candidate – Simon Wilson

Simon Wilson

“Born in Dewsbury, West Yorkshire and from a mining background, Simon has been married to Diane for twenty seven years and together they have two grown-up children.

Simon started his working life selling commercial vehicles in Leeds for Derwent Vehicles, then based on Elland Road and he currently works for a specialist finance supplier, assisting   companies to fund the purchase of light commercial vehicles and materials handling equipment.

Simon served as a district councillor representing Stanley and Outwood East on Wakefield Metropolitan District Council     between 2008 and 2012, where he was a member of the Standards Board and Audit Committee. He also stood as the Conservative candidate during the Rotherham By-Election in 2012.

Away from politics Simon was, until recently, a governor at a primary school, and describes himself as an enthusiastic but world-weary supporter of local football and rugby teams. Time permitting he also enjoys learning Spanish.

Previously he achieved coaching qualifications to enable him to coach the local football team, taking them from under-12 to   under-16 and was a leader at a local church youth group.

He is thankful for having come from a secure family background and together he and his wife have always strived to give their children a loving, stable and supportive upbringing.

Simon said: ‘Although I want to make politics my career I am NOT a career politician, having spent many years working in business.

My working career has been spent in the road transport sector, including senior sales and management roles. Being directly  responsible for the livelihoods of employees and their families helps to bring focus to decision making and is, I believe, a fantastic training manual to deal with the realities and responsibilities of being an elected representative.’

‘I strongly believe that a hard-working MP can make a big difference to local people’s lives and I would be honoured to have the opportunity to serve and support you.’

Health Centre Update

medical centre

Dan, Neil and Peter were delighted that in early January, the Plans Panel for North and East Leeds, received a presentation from the developers of the new Alwoodley Health Centre. This ‘Pre-Application’ was very much welcomed by the plans panel and cleared this first and key hurdle in the planning process – which brings our much needed health centre one, very important, step closer.

Watch this space for further updates on what so many of us feel is a vital development for Alwoodley (and indeed parts of Moortown). Now the hard work is done, we can wait for a whole range of people to claim the credit for ensuring this project actually happens (no doubt including other party’s candidates)  you heard it here first!”

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